7 tips how to write testcase more efficient

Software testing is used to find the error or bugs in an application. There are many ways how to find out bugs.Let’s know how to make our software testing more efficient, Software Testing Training in Chennai

1.You have participate from beginning of the project  

                        It’s a good practice that tester should participate from the first stage of the project.Then only the tester should have more knowledge of the project.The tester should involve all the stage of software development life cycle. It will be easy to prepare test environment,delay of the project and manager can involve the tester meetings.

2.Have to think a good test plan

                      The experience person should write the test plan like QA manager and QA lead.While writing a test plan you have to known a clear idea about project.We have to know about the scope of the project,deadlines, test objectives, test case schedule and risk identification.

  1. Test often, Test early

                        In testing only most of the errors are identified.They are written according to the design phase or  requirements.The defects are found in SDLC in early stage.So testing should be started in early stage to avoid more errors.

  1. We have to write test case in the design phase and requirement analysis

        If we start writing test case at the first stage it will be easy to find the errors in early stage.When we write a test case we need to write positive test case and negative testcase. It will be easy to check the application in valid and invalaid pattern.

5.Writing test case

             Writing a test case is a skill and it accomplished experience and indepth study of the project.The test case are written by testers.By step by step process you have to write the testcase. In test case writing we need testcase id , Description , teststep, testinput, Actual result , expected result and status.

6.Start testing the application in positive mindset

               When you start testing an application we need to keep mindset that we have find the bugs in that application .But we should think that the bug will be there in the application .If we think like that sure we will find a bug in the application .

  1. Write good bug report

                 Onces we complete executing the test case. We have to write the bug report .It will make you to know more about the software bugs.It’s a situation to handle your skill.We have to provide additional skill along with the bugs.We have to use proper bug templates for report

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