There are 5 reasons why android still Beats iphone

Android phone are user friendly because it provides lot of flexible , freedom given to the user.Apple’s iphone has grab a huge attention, but there are more reason why smartphones more prefer android.In many ways the Android phone is better to use.The price of android phone is less and its very easy to use.

1.Better values – Android Training in Chennai

                Nowadays smartphone goes to the top way of dinosaur,we have to take a long look with your next phone price.If you want a iphone, then you have to more money in your hand.Then iphone will sound good.But the android phone rate is too low and the smartphone looks good.We will get a solid headset with all the models.In android the according to the money changes the quality of the smartphone differ.

  1. Less money for More storage

                The iphone plus and iphone 6s price differ but the storage are same.They are providing only 16 GB storage space.Then we have to spend money for buying SD card for more storage. But in Android according to model and rate , the storage will differ.Android smartphone has more than 32GB space in it.Nowadays for smart ios game, it take 1GB to 2GB space.So we need more storage space to download many application and games.In Android we can use  extenable memory upto 64GB.

3.Working a  file system

                  If you need to copy a file from iphone to a computer .You need to install a iTunes and create an account for it.It takes lot of time to copy a file to a system.But for android you need to plug an android to your system, and we can copy all types of files, audio , video according to your wish.No need to install any application.

4.Universal sharing

   If you see a webpage in browser, or a map route, or a photo in a gallery you want to share.In android you can share any file we can share directly without installing any application. But in apple phone if you want to share any file you need to install safari , safari is used to share the file from one phone to another phone with the help of build in phone.

5.Back button

           In Android we can use back button for going back to previous page its very simple to go back.If you want to give a like to facebook and go back to chrome , it’s very easy to go.But in Apple phone we can use only  apps for navigation or by pressing the home button.

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