from Hifi-to-Goodbye-to-invites-7-things-learned-about-the-Project-Fi

From “Hifi” to “Goodbye” to invites: 7 things learned about  The Project Fi

Hardly 10 months before Project Fi has been introduced – Project wifi is a program that will explore the new ideas with the wireless connectivity. In related  to the Nexus program, Project Fi will work on the basis of partnership with the leading companies and the hardware makers who used to push at the border of what’s possible. Android Training in Chennai provides certification in the project Fi

By designing the connectivity, software and hardware, we can able to provide new ideas and ways for the people who wants to connect and communicate.Android training in chennai provides details about the project Fi

With the help of Project Fi, fast wireless service can be delivered in a flexible manner, so that it can be used where ever we want and it is simple, very easy in understanding. Android course in chennai explains the concept of wireless device.

  1. Customers with project fi are love to travel

If you are away from home, it’s not meant to be that you have to be away from the cellular data.With the help of Project Fi, you can easily connect with the people. Since launch of project Fi,there are almost 15% customers using Project Fi from other countries. From Mexico to US out of 120,110 customers have been visited and supported the countries by paying the same data rate that they were used by the U.S. Android training deals with the project Fi

  1. High quality public wi-fi features present in the project Fi

We are believing that using Wi-Fi should be smooth and continuous so that we have  created the Wi-Fi Assistant – it is a tool which is automatically connect with the high-quality hotspots which helps in the secure connection. More than 50% of the customers are connecting Project Fi to the public hotspots with the help of Wi-Fi Assistant by weekly basis. Android learning helps to know about smooth and continuous wifi

  1. People will like data on their own data

When we concentrate on the data people would like to know whether they will get a refund especially for the data which they are not using it. Therefore,tools are built into our app that will help the customers to understand and they will track their usage for a month. Mostly 90% of  the people who use the Project Fi app will come and check how much data that they have used. ey using? Most probably,1.6 GB data can be used on an average of per month.

  1. Connectivity not only just for phones

Data-only SIMs has been launched in the December to help the Project Fi users which they can connect to the data from the devices to other rather than their phones without additional fees and restrictions. Therefore,we can use SIM’s everywhere from the tablets to the cars. While starting an experiment here, we are clear about the thing  that people will access the data on more number of devices.

  1. Project Fi customers will get support from the real person

Through phone, chat, and email, the Project Fi provide 24/7 customer support The phone calls are the one which is more popular way that the customers would like to getting in touch with the people.

  1. Project Fi customers use creative ideas

customers will build the creative ideas that ranges from the useful to the extraordinary.

  1. Skipping the line

The project Fi has been used by the people in US can sign up the service. They doesn’t need to get inline invitation and wait for the service.

Android Training in Chennai provides you the complete experience of wireless network.Many android schools in chennai will teach about the android applications.

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