The Nine Effective Scenarios of Integration Testing

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1.From Some Way To Some Degree, the forceful decisions has to be Interpreted in heuristic manner

In the specific situation, some of the assertions are likely to be applied in an interesting and in an important way.

  • For Example, If we write that the “parts are interacting with each” The truth is, Parts which is in integration will never interact directly with all other ones and also not interact with the same degree and in the same ways.
  • By thinking this in a heuristic manner, Interpret is the gentle warning, If we want to integrate we have to make it sure that the parts has to interact and i t should depend on each other because the Knowledge based on this is considerably important.

2.“Constructing from parts” doesn’t mean that it is necessary to tell about pre-existed parts

The Part from the product will have the separate existence and it can never be changed by the integration process. We can predict the product pieces productively and monitor how the pieces are interacting with the other pieces.

  1.  A product has an ability to own its attributes but parts doesn’t

The product and the parts attributes will be differing on anticipated ways. For Example, If we consider the tripod stability, it will not be found in an individual legs, But the stability will be in working together of all the legs.

  1. Integration Risks will be created by Disintegration

When we are including the things from the products and things which we are excluding, we will get a new integration which is a risk process by putting all parts together. Therefore careful integration has to be done.

  1. The Products attributes and its behavior mainly depends on the Parts

The part is the most important factor, but not only the parts but also the state of the parts,the configuration states and the internal and external state environment and the rules in which these things are operate by the communication and protocols in the computing environment.

  1.  Environment is the object of outside

Object – refers to the product or the part of the product which comprises of many factors which will interact with the other object. In some aspects, environment will be internal which is controlled by the product or may be external which will not be controlled by the product.

  1. Interaction of the product

Interaction will occur when one thing influences the properties of another thing. Here the thing refers to the environment , part or a product.

  1. Dependency of the product

Dependency is the one, in which one part or a product depends on another part or a product to perform a specific action so that the first thing can be behaved in the certain way to fulfill the requirements.

  1. Integration are not all – Differ by degrees

The product integration will be done accidentally or loosely, existing interfaces will be preserved therefore integration will be done effectively. We need to try the different perspectives of integrating the product.

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