Top 5 comfortable API FrameWorks for PHP in 2016

In modern world everyone needs fast and reliable development. So it needs lot of  framework and libraries in each sectors. Some of the frameworks are very easy to create and it is fast when we are using that framework.even there are more features in other languages also, thus PHP language is very much friendlier to learn as well as to code the language (PHP Training in Chennai).

Now we will see about the important frameworks which are useful and most important for PHP language. Now let us see about framework features and functionality


    It is simple and powerful framework to create comfortable web applications. It provides an option for developers to create complete web PHP service with single file in quick minutes. It’s main features are  route passing ,route redirects,custom views,signed cookies, error handling and logging etc. it is a PHP micro framework that help users to write quickly which is powerful web applications and API’s.     


 It is another very elegant PHP framework for web service development. It’s design are really nice ,very simple and powerful. This Epiphany framework is fast , clean and comfortable and very easy. This framework provides a few convention to the documentation that will write code very well and it allows the user to write and follow any style they like. This framework doesn’t show any instructions how to write or structure your applications. There are different modules which are present in the framework they are Route, API ,Session ,Database ,Cache etc.

  1. Frapi

It is a comfortable API framework that allows developers to rapidly develop API that are easily scalable and highly performed. It is a high-level API framework that is used in web apps and mobile services and enabling focus on business logic. It doesn’t concentrate on the presentation layer. This framework handles multiple media types,responses codes and API documentation. It consists of two parts they are administration interface and public API.

  1. Recess

It is a restful php framework it is used by  beginners as well as developers. It is a modern framework,it uses loosely coupled model-view controller architecture. It is fast ,lightweight, ideal for lamp development to shared the hosts.

Some of its features are

  • It provides a GUI and tool set to expedite your development
  • It includes a full database ORM for powerful database queries
  • It includes diagnostics to find errors faster
  • It is designed based on HTTP protocol and support restful API’s
  1. Guzzle

It is a HTTP client and framework for restful web clients. It is a light weight framework for creating web service clients. It contains structure it is create a client class,create methods ,create and execute URL and giving results. It takes redundancy out of the process and provide tools to quickly build a web service client.

Some of its features are – PHP Training in Chennai 

  • Includes the customs node.JS webserver to test the clients
  • Service description allows you to build awesome web service clients faster
  • It allows you completely modify the behavior of the request   

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